Our Thanks, Please Take A Break

Our staff and children are now on break for Thanksgiving. Everyone will benefit from this much needed week of thanks and time with family.

We encourage staff and our supporters to take this vacation and not work during this time off. We are just as guilty of overworking ourselves, scheduling meetings days, nights, and weekends; trying to fit too much in because we want to make a difference. The truth is, we are all exhausted. The entire community.

Vacations are important to your health and well-being. Read this article from Take Back Your Time – http://bit.ly/2g4EhV6.

Relieving stress, maintaining focus, protecting your health, improving your sleep, and quality of life will be some of the benefits you enjoy from taking this break. Studies show that this will also enable you to be more productive.

Please, skip the emails and grading papers. Take a real break.


We are thankful for every one of you who volunteer for us, donate to us, read our articles, and share our information. We couldn’t be more grateful to you for all you have done to Support Jeffco Kids.

For this week though, put down the work and just enjoy. Relax. We’ll come back next week stronger than before and take on the next year together filled with positivity and appreciation for our wonderful Jeffco community.



We need everyone to Support Jeffco Kids! To move forward, take a break with us. #WeAreJeffco and we will climb the next mountain together, stronger than before!

Have a wonderful break and thank you!