Our Thanks and Continuing the Conversation

As were so many of you, SJK was devastated to learn that 3A and 3B lost at the ballot box last night.

We all had great hopes our voters would realize and understand the dire need for this funding request. As we have said many times throughout this campaign, the funding issue is truly a state issue and we hope you will all join us in continuing to advocate for changes that need to happen at the state level to remedy the situation.   Stay tuned for more opportunities to learn how schools in our state are funded and what kind of legislation options that might offer some relief.

In the mean time –

There were many dedicated volunteers from all walks of life who willingly gave of their time to support 3A and 3B. SJK wants to extend a heartfelt thank you to so many who found time in their already-busy schedules and who diligently worked to share the important information about our schools’ much needed funding issues.  


Here’s a general listing of folks who really stepped up and worked so hard over the past months and who deserve our gratitude and recognition:

  • Retired educators. Did you know we have some very dedicated and hard working retired educators in this county who continue to support our students and schools?   These folks stepped up once again to make sure we had info tables (with volunteers) at Back to School Nights and Parent Teacher Conferences.   Some helped by canvassing or phone banking and many also wrote letters to the editor.
  • There’s an official Retired Jeffco Educators Association who are especially visible in the south end of the district.
  • And there’s a group of retired educators in Arvada who were a dominating force during the Recall.
  • PTA Parents who worked to reach out to their respective school communities to share this info by booking presentations, held membership votes to support or endorse 3A and 3B, and provided reliable resources for parents to learn more.
  • Educators (Jeffco teachers, administrators and staff) who were willing to take-away from their valuable family time on weekends to walk and knock to share information, because they understood the importance of person-to-person outreach.
  • Community members, parents, current and retired educators who took to the phones to make sure voters knew about these ballot initiatives.
  • Community members, parents, students, board members, current and retired educators who staked their claim on street corners across the district to waive signs.
  • District personnel who graciously responded to questions, time and time again, about how the district would account for 3A funds, the mill levy override, or the plan for 3B, the bond’s construction, repairs, etc.
  • School board members who continuously met with and presented to community members and groups to explain their decision to put 3A and 3B on the ballot, and their vision for the district.
  • Campaign leadership, who recruited and organized volunteers, and collaborated with community groups, business members and employees.


More than ever, our schools will be faced with some real challenges due to the lack of funding, and our board and district leadership will be forced to make some very difficult decisions.   Their options will be limited, and instead of looking to the future for opportunities, they will need to take an austere approach to every decision they face.   Maintenance and much-needed repairs and renovations will be placed on the back burner. Addressing the growth in the NW corridor of the district and in parts of Lakewood will throw shock waves through the county, and our ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest will be stagnant.   The safety and security department will be greatly challenged, and the opportunity to address the growing mental health issues in our schools are dashed.

As before, our Jeffco community and school district will push forward with perseverance and continue to fulfill its mission to provide a quality education that prepares all children for a successful future.


Shawna & Jonna
Support Jeffco Kids

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