Our Superintendent Has a Halo and Wings!

Our dream of a superintendent leading our 86,000 students and 14,000 employee team to continue the Jeffco Tradition of Excellence is on the horizon. Today is the last day to participate in the survey about his/her qualities.

Here’s the link to complete the survey – please participate!

One of our friends shared her survey analysis with us and we liked it so much, we wanted to share the thoughts with you. For clarity, this individual has a Ph.D., is a huge supporter of public education and a phenomenal advocate.


Following is her added contribution regarding the survey, which some of your thoughts may echo. An email to the board with more comments is always welcome.

Shouldn’t we have more requirements that include experience and training? Some possible requirements and/or attributes:

  1. Has a minimum 8 years’ classroom experience teaching at elementary or secondary level. Coaching is not classroom teaching.
  2. Has a background that includes 5 years as a high-level administrator – superintendent or assistant preferred.
  3. Is an experienced administrator (including budgeting) in a large-scale school district similar to Jeffco.
  4. Can show experience with multilingual and multicultural learners and communities; it would be a mistake to forget the communities.
  5. Possesses an advanced degree, preferably Ph.D. in education or related field or D.ED. Requirements and application for each of these differs depending upon the granting institution.
  6. Can demonstrate communication skills (evidence to be offered)
  7. Can empathize with teachers/ families/parents/the community
  8. Possesses knowledge of innovations in curricula and pedagogy but demonstrates that application of all isn’t always wise.
  9. Possesses or is in the process of obtaining a Superintendent license, State of Colorado
  10. Expresses a willingness to focus on learners and their needs
  11. Has acquired information about this district, its makeup, its very different areas.
  12. At least espouses an open-door policy.

The next comment is what made us smile.

He/she has a halo and wings!

We have faith in the process as we know we have a Board of Education with experience in education and who all listen to community members.

Here’s the most wonderful quote that came from Ray & Associates at one of the community forums after a question about the search they conducted for Jeffco 3 years ago:

“We are committed to a clean and transparent process, THIS board is fully cooperating with the process.”