Notes on Budget and Fact Finding

By law (TABOR), the Board of Education must have the district’s budget set by June 30. Below are the major decisions made by the BoE: 


  • Increased the employee compensation placeholder from $11 million to $18 million. This would cover a step increase, which is an average of 2.5% increase in compensation for teachers.
  • Increased charter compensation from $3.7 million to $5.5 million.
  • These projected expenditures exceed the projected income, which could jeopardize future budgets.
  • Passed a BoE resolution regarding the upcoming fact finding procedure. This was necessary in order to comply with TABOR.
  • The resolution gives flexibility to amend the salary schedule after the budget is set. This means that at the conclusion of fact finding, the Board will be enabled to make changes to salary compensation.
  • The JCEA contract in its current state is still in effect & will continue to be in effect until August 31, 2015



A quick note on fact finding:


  • JCEA is contractually bound to proceed with the fact finding procedure, as outlined in Article 5, Section 5 of the negotiated agreement (located on JCEA’s website under Issues & Action, Contract Info).
  • The purpose of fact finding is for an independent entity to examine the arguments and evidence on both sides and to induce both sides to reach a voluntary agreement.
  • This process has just begun and a fact finder is being sought. Once dates have been set and more details are available, the membership will be informed.
  • The entire agreement was sent to fact finding, rather than just the terms/items where agreement was not reached.