Not Politics As Usual

We are receiving many letters from the Jeffco community regarding the Denver Post Editorial Board’s commentary on the events in our community. They clearly are out of touch with Jeffco, but we are glad to see that the Jeffco community is so well informed! Following is one of the letters shared with us:


The voters of Jefferson County certainly should’ve been paying better attention during the last school board election. But to be fair, no one would’ve expected a group of people with such a clearly partisan and divisive agenda to attempt to dismantle what was widely recognized as a successful district.


You are wrong in your assertion that recall is too dramatic a measure. It takes time to implement change, and the changes that are in process could damage the district and our children for years to come. How far off course do we let this go? Those of us paying attention believe there has, indeed, been malfeasance, corruption and glaring incompetence.


This is not politics as usual — there are good people from both sides of the aisle working towards removing these board members. We simply cannot stand by while the future of our children and our community is at stake.


Lisa Cutter, President 
Cutter Communications