Not All Attorney Information is Privileged

Support Jeffco Kids has shown you the redacted invoices received via CORA request for the Law Offices of Brad Miller.

Brad Miller Invoice for February 2014


Out of curiosity, we also have submitted a CORA and received the invoices of Caplan and Earnest (we’ll go more into detail regarding this subject in another post.)

Caplan and Earnest Invoices


We were quite surprised to see invoices with no information redacted at all – not even the names of individuals were redacted. 

Caplan and Ernest


Quite transparent, compared to the invoices for the Law Offices of Brad Miller:

Brad Miller Invoice Redacted


However, it appears that our Board President is claiming that all attorney invoices are treated the same way.  Obviously, this is untrue. 

Witt Response


Just a little transparency can fix all of this.  Answer letters to the board fully, offer up information willingly, listen to community surveys, and remember that the community supports our Jeffco schools.