Negotiations Update

After the Denver strike, we’re watching negotiations in Jeffco as well as neighboring districts very closely.

To date, just the funds from 5A (thank you, Jeffco voters!) have been agreed upon. As usual, we await funding numbers for next year from the state.

JCEA , the teacher’s association, is working on ratification through Wednesday, February 27th, but their increase from only 5A funds was negotiated at 2.67%.

For JESPA, the classified employee’s association, a flat rate was negotiated. “This compensation, upon approval of the JESPA and the Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education, will be provided to all JESPA employees in a one-time payment recognizing the work of the employees. Employees will receive one of three payment amounts, based on the employment hours of the employee:
· 8 hours to 6 hours per day – $800
· Less than 6 hours per day to 4 or more hours per day – $400
· Less than 4 hours per day – $300”

As we watch negotiations around the state (what happens elsewhere impacts the ability of Jeffco to remain competitive), of particular note was the agreement between Westminster Public Schools and their teachers.

Westminster also passed a mill levy in 2018. The starting salary of Westminster teachers puts them in the lead for the metro area with a starting salary of $50,000.

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association ratified their Tentative Agreement that included an increase average of 11.7%.

The following chart was information shared in 2018, prior to Jeffco approving 5A. As these numbers around the metro area competing for staff change, where will Jeffco land on the competitive scale?

Jeffco kids deserve the best and brightest. Both in new staff and in retaining our existing staff who have served us loyally for years!

What would YOU like to see happen?