Negatively Impacting Public Education

We have told you that Jeffco (and Colorado) remains under attack by dark politics and big money that have no place in our schools. As a community, Jeffco successfully triumphed in the 2015 recall election when 65% of the community came together to end the attacks on the education of our children, but it’s not over. In the past few weeks, mailers have gone out touting school choice in an effort to persuade voters. This is just the first $200,000 of the big money we’ll see this year.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council—commonly known as ALEC— is the biggest threat to America that most of us have never heard of. And we are working to change that.

Attend a free event on Saturday, July 15th in Denver to learn how ALEC negatively impacts public education.


ALEC brings together elected leaders and corporate lobbyists to create and vote on model legislation—behind closed doors and without public input. These bills are then introduced into state legislatures across the country, and result in looser environmental regulations, stricter voter identification rules, weaker labor unions, and more.

ALEC likes to operate in secrecy, and has done an excellent job keeping out of the public eye. The organization does not release the names of their members, and all ALEC meetings are closed off from the public and media. As a result, few people are familiar with ALEC and the damage they have done to public education.

Help us spread the word far and wide about ALEC, as we prepare for their annual meeting in Denver from July 19th – 21st. Join us at our ALEC teach-in on July 15th, and invite your friends.