Mythbusters 2018

Checking out social media and this tweet popped up:

First, oh so true! All the things that have been debunked just keep coming up as excuses when it pertains to funding education. They’re posted all over social media any time the subject of education comes up.

For instance:

Where’s all the marijuana money? DEBUNKED

The Marijuana Money Mystery, Solved, Again


Schools need to spend within their means aka Money doesn’t solve anything. DEBUNKED!



There are 15,000 empty seats! DEBUNKED

15,000 Seats Cannot Be Simplified


I wouldn’t have a problem paying it but it never goes to the classrooms! DEBUNKED


The schools aren’t transparent about where the money goes! DEBUNKED

Financial Transparency, Can’t Have It Both Ways…


All of the myths have been debunked. Sure, it may require a bit of reading (feel free to use this page!) but it’s more than crystal clear that we’re not funding education in Colorado.

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We can fix that.