Mr. Hess and Mr. McMinimee, please take action!

The following was allowed to be posted on the Jeffco Public Schools Facebook page for about 6 hours as of this writing. This is why Mr. McMinimee was asked to address the communications staff issues immediately. A celebration of our children and staff was allowed to be discounted because someone wasn’t committed to Jeffco. Let’s hope our superintendent and district attorney ensure this NEVER happens again.

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Sent: Wed, Nov 18, 2015 10:59 pm
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I understand that it’s late but this post has now been up on the Jeffco Public Schools Facebook page for nearly 6 hours! This is directly under a post celebrating staff and children and shouldn’t have been tolerated. I understand that we’re paying a ridiculous amount of money to a political PR firm as well as staff hired from this firm to manage a social media account but it’s probably time for someone to monitor such things when this ends up on the page for 6 hours. This individual has been reported to law enforcement numerous times and clearly has issues with sobriety (based on his own post after media and law enforcement contacted him) and has threatened staff, as you well know. 


There are extremely simple settings on Facebook pages that allow posts to be monitored and approved before content is allowed. If this firm and the staff you hired are not committed to do this job, then use the settings to ensure that celebrations of our children and staff are not insulted by such disgusting content on a district page that is supposed to be representative of our district and community. Additionally, individuals who are administrators of a page receive alerts from Facebook to monitor content for this very reason. If the individuals responsible are not able to do the job sufficiently, then it’s up to you to ensure you are added as administrators or ensure someone more capable is added immediately. It’s not a difficult job. Please ensure this is rectified immediately.


Mr. Hess, as the attorney for this district, this should be extremely concerning to you. I am adding some members of the media and the Board to ensure that this goes into record and someone takes notice of this. You should be protecting staff and children.

Shawna Fritzler
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