More than 325,000 Voters

SJK wants to congratulate our 5 board members on their efforts to listen to the Jeffco community as they make adjustments to the proposed bond. Their efforts were rewarded this evening with the many supportive comments, especially from those representatives of schools who may have been targeted for closing or consolidation.


We want to make sure those folks understand actions speak louder than words. If this mill and bond is to be successful, they need to step up and help lead the effort.


The campaign will need to reach well over 325,000 voters in just 4 short months. The campaign to talk to voters and help them understand the importance of supporting our students and schools began with the close of the June 16 school board meeting.


The campaign needs leaders to sign up for key roles, and to help set up a campaign infrastructure. Fundraising to support the campaign needed to start yesterday.


The board/district is proposing issuing the largest bond in the history of Jeffco Schools. Once it’s issued on the ballot, there is no turning back. It has to be a success and it will take a giant effort on the part of the parent community to make sure the business community is on board and the 70+% of Jeffco residents and voters who do not have children in our schools are supportive and vote in favor of the mill/bond.


We know what a difficult decision this has been for these new board members.


We applaud District Chief Operating Officer Bell & Chief Financial Officer Askelson and their staff for their thoughtful work.
We strongly encourage our Jeffco community members to get involved.