More Leadership Lost

The leadership employees exiting Jeffco Schools has increased yet again.  CFO Lori Gillis is leaving after 12 dedicated years of service to our schools.  Ms. Gillis has been an individual that anyone could contact and receive a straight-forward, honest answer.  She was always willing to go the extra mile and take time to explain details to community members and parents, as was the case with all of the executive leadership of Jeffco Schools.  Our Board majority could learn some lessons on transparency from each of them, if they’d just take the time to listen or be willing to take part in the study sessions that this executive leadership team has suggested to the Board repeatedly.


We’ve updated the graphic again (and added in the Charter School Achievement Director who also left previously.)  Take a look at the changing leadership structure!

Resignations Update


This is a crucial time to be lacking a highly qualified CFO.  Jeffco Schools endured $78 million in cuts under our CFO’s leadership that have not been restored.  12 years of highly qualified Jeffco experience just can’t be matched by an outside candidate.  Having Jeffco specific experience will be fundamentally important as the Board ponders their new ideas about teacher compensation.  Without a highly qualified and Jeffco knowledgeable CFO, transparency issues are likely to increase. 


Change can be difficult.  Complete upheaval and change are different things.  Remember to be supportive of remaining staff of Jeffco Schools but take the time to share this information; never assume that your friends or neighbors know what is going on.  Our homes and families are impacted by every decision of the Jeffco Schools Board of Education.  We must ALL Support Jeffco Kids!