More Fraud and Lies


Turns out that the group did have a Building Use Permit (approved by the District, not the school) but the District didn’t inform the Principal or the custodian (which they are required to do):…/building_use.html

Principals have always had a choice to allow all tables or no tables to be rented. We support giving the leadership of the school a right to choose. Wonder if this was a real district error or if someone higher up might be playing games…

From our Jeffco Dad:  “More importantly, as a parent I’m livid that that group would come in and hijack an event run by students and teachers for the benefit of the community. (And have the gall to be handing out propaganda about how bad those teachers really are.)”

A Jeffco dad just shared this with us! So completely unacceptable! All anyone has to do is fill out a building use and submit to the principal of a school and pay $10. This is not rocket science! Why lie???


Anti-Teacher “” crashes Arvada HS Trick-or-Treat Street tonight (and probably breaks the law in the process).


Unsuspecting neighborhood parents got a surprise as they walked their kids through the halls of Arvada HS tonight, when volunteers for “Jeffco Students First” handed them this bookmark-sized propaganda with a piece of candy.


Problem was that it was a fraudulent “Building Use Permit” they flashed school officials before being given a space and table alongside legitimate school clubs! It was apparently a Use Permit to demonstrate for a completely unrelated time and place (somewhere in Evergreen), but they passed it off as giving them access to AHS and their annual teacher and student-volunteer run Halloween celebration.

Principal Gina Rivas promptly investigated the document and asked them to leave as soon as she determined it was fraudulent, but it was not until the group had been there about an hour, handing out the pro-BOE3 propaganda to the parents who were just there for a safe place to trick-or-treat with their little kids.


I also want to stress that Arvada’s Trick or Treat Street is voluntarily set up and run by the “Union Thug” teachers and their “pawn” students; the teachers buy their own candy to distribute (just like they buy much of their own school supplies) and volunteer their own time – not just for this event – but to lead after-school clubs like “Doctor Who Club” and “French Club” for their students. They don’t get paid for this, and it is all out-of-pocket – but they do it because they care about their school and their students.
Then to have these characters infiltrate and spread their lies to unsuspecting kids and parents, it’s just despicable. I wonder if Ralston Valley and other Jeffco schools had similar party-crashers?
Bruce MacIntosh's photo.