Misleading Dark Forces

Misleading, dark forces continue their work.

A few years back, we had learned that our .com domain had been stolen, thought we had purchased it but apparently an error was made within our team. We filed complaints with the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and District Attorney. Ultimately, one investigator took the case and tried to assist us. Then we ran into problems because the anonymous individual who purchased the domain had routed the service through Panama and he hadn’t the authority to get assistance. Multiple domains were purchased during this time (all pertaining to names for the recall) by Jeffco Students First and John Newkirk, which several amazing Jeffco people discovered and took screenshots of. We filed a take down notice and the site went down for a short period of time – it had been routed to Jeffco Students First.

Here’s the information from August of 2015 – http://www.supportjeffcokids.org/sjk-files-complaints/

In furtherance of our mission, we acquired a domain name for our internet website – www.supportjeffcokids.org. We have recently discovered that another organization – Jeffco Students First – has acquired and is using a confusingly similar and virtually identical domain name (www.supportjeffcokids.com) which immediately redirects viewers to its own separate and distinct website. On its website, Jeffco Students First – which holds itself out as a Section 501(c)(3) charity – espouses views and positions completely antithetical to those of Support Jeffco Kids, and dishonestly solicits charitable donations from viewers who believed they were accessing Support Jeffco Kids’ website.

The actions of Jeffco Students First directly violate C.R.S. §6-16-111 of the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act, and constitute “charitable fraud” as defined in that Act. Jeffco Students First is utilizing the name of our organization without our permission as a conduit for its own solicitations, is deliberately suggesting a false affiliation with our organization, is engaging in charitable solicitations under false pretenses and with an indisputable intent to defraud potential donors, and is representing by its use of our name that it has some level of approval, sponsorship, affiliation, or connection with our organization. Please see C.R.S. §6-16-111(1)(b), (c), (d), (g), and (l).

As you are aware, violations of C.R.S. §6-16-111(1)(b), (c), (d), and (g) all constitute class 5 felonies, violations of subsections (1)(h) and (l) constitute criminal misdemeanors, and all of these acts constitute deceptive trade practices under the Colorado Consumer Protection Code.

When the take down notice and complaints were filed, the routing to Jeffco Students First was stopped (likely due to charitable fraud violations) but then it was linked to a particularly vile site called Jeffco Truths. A while back, we were checking again and the domain was transferred to an individual in Sacramento, California. We sent an email to the domain owner asking why he would want this but got no response. Why on earth would someone from Sacramento, California even care about SJK or Jeffco Schools?

Well, guess what? We just took a look  and the domain is now protected again and routed through Panama! Oh, and it now routes to the Colorado League of Charter Schools.

That won’t do much to help the home grown charters who are getting hit by the anti-corporate charter movement.


Here’s another interesting fact, we put the domain on alert with our registrar and two others to ensure we were informed if the domain were ever to expire or be offered for sale. Because we received no alerts and due to the dates on the registration, we know no sale took place. Doesn’t it make you wonder who is playing games?

Shady practices and attempts to mislead a community.  That’s okay though, we’re doing just fine and love our supportive community and Jeffco Schools.

Love always, SJK (.org)