Message From Shawna

I spent Sunday re-watching all the videos from Transparency Jeffco and Jeffco DataView. I looked at the pictures from all of our events and the 2012 mill and bond campaign and remembered vividly the nervousness and then relief when we were victorious.

Reflecting on where we started and looking at what we’ve accomplished together, I started thinking about November being the season of thanks and promptly texted Jonna. Not surprisingly, we were thinking the same thing. We both wanted to express our gratitude!

It is a strange situation to have opened my own home to strangers for the past two years and yet I feel that each one of the hundreds of people who have visited for t-shirts, yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, and literature are very much a part of my family.

Thank you for the hugs, the smiles, the uplifting messages and, mostly importantly, your tremendous efforts. Support Jeffco Kids would never have had the outreach we’ve accomplished without your support. Hundreds of people stepped up to take action regularly; we are so grateful!

Thank you to all of you who have said, “yes!” to helping in so many ways! Thank you to those of you who have searched your own connections to build our network! Thank you to everyone who has made a donation and allowed us to reach a wider audience. Thank you to everyone who realizes that though you could very easily take care of your own children, this is about ALL Jeffco children and so many don’t have someone to advocate for them! YOU are their angels!

To our volunteer coordinators – I’m continually amazed and will never be able to thank you enough. Your passion has carried all of us through this tremendous effort. Your brightness and positivity has been tremendous and we are so lucky to have found each of you! Thanks to your families and your friends and your spouses who so often take on your mom duties so you can volunteer yet another hour! Thanks for staying up  late at night to answer questions and organize our many volunteers! Thanks to your children for helping and for their patience at the many events we’ve taken them to as we volunteer!

Thanks to Debbie! Our amazing treasurer! She does so much and never hesitated in saying yes when asked to volunteer for such an effort! She is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met and has a heart of gold.

Most importantly, I want to thank Jonna. In 2012, I told her that my research indicated that something was going on behind the scenes and it wasn’t a positive thing for our kids. She believed me and she committed to staying involved for our kids. She works tirelessly for our kids and schools and picks up the slack while I’m off doing “mom things” or taking care of other volunteer obligations. No one has worked harder than her over the past MANY years – Jonna is very much the heart of Jeffco.

I know I’m known for crying but tears, tears, tears – you people make my heart explode with your passion! As an introvert, I’m often focused on taking care of business and thank you often in my head but you all need to know how truly grateful I am for what you’ve done!

I wish I could predict the result tomorrow. The nation is watching. But most importantly, the very children we are fighting for have seen your advocacy. My hope is that children everywhere will realize that there are good people in the world who will stand up for them and they have learned to stand up for others in the future.

Lastly – I am thankful to the community at Lakewood High School for making this video. It always, always, ALWAYS brightens my day! Watch, listen to the words, and I look forward to seeing every single one of you tomorrow night!


Stay tuned, Support Jeffco Kids will continue to support public education and we want every single one of you with us. Our kids, our schools, our community!