Message From Jonna

Based on the SJK Count Down Timer, we have 13 hours to go before Election Day arrives and we learn what destiny will befall our beloved Jeffco School District.

As Shawna and I plan for what last minute details we need to cover between now and that final hour, we both often pause to acknowledge we have already asked so much of our volunteers, and wonder out loud, can we ask one more thing?   To our amazement, you all come through.  Every. Single. Time.

To say we are grateful for you all and your passion, your time, and your efforts would be a serious understatement.   And, not only are we eternally grateful, we are proud.  We are so very proud of our community, who is proving to the watching eyes of a nation how strong our values truly are here in Jeffco.   And in doing so, we are also demonstrating that political party plays no role when it comes to what’s best for our kids (we are a culmination of conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and the list goes on).  In Jeffco, we come together when it comes to our kids and our schools.

We are proud to have had the privilege to work side-by-side with so many dedicated, thoughtful people.

The friendships we’ve made will be long standing.  I think that’s true, not just for Shawna and myself, but for all of us.   We’ve all learned who we can count on when times get tough.

You are all our heroes.

Thank you!

Jonna Levine