McMinimee as Charter Board President, in Texas

We get some interesting emails these days.  Here’s one with a tip, Daniel McMinimee was the Board President for a Charter School.  In fact, he was Board President for his former superintendent, now the Superintendent of Arrow Academy Charter and one of his references.


Here’s the email we received:

“Wow,  Mini Me has school board experience.  Per resume he was school board president of CHARTER SCHOOL Arrow Academy.


Strangely, this Charter School lists it’s location in Texas in all minutes and agendas. 

Arrow Academy School Board

Minutes of Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, April 4, 2013, 4:00 PM

Arrow Academy – Save Our Streets

1700 Groesbeck

Bryan, TX 77803


Bill Walsh – Chairman

Dan McMinimee – President

David Shellenberger

Brian Lee

Carmen Sifuentez



Mr. McMinimee is listed as the President in all the documents noted through January 2014.  Yet, he lived here in Jeffco and his kids were not in this Charter.


Here’s Arrow Academy in Texas –

Why was McMinimee the Board President while living here in Jeffco?