Make it Our Best Day!

Do you want more for 86,000 kids and our schools? Do you want to retain our excellent Jeffco staff? Do you want your property values to be maintained? Do you want safe and secure learning environments for our students?

We have a choice, Jeffco!


We had fewer people participating in the Harvest Parade this year than in the last four years. We had a wonderful, healthy group of volunteers walking, a fire engine (thanks to Fundraising Fire Engine!) and a lively group of kids who enjoyed playing with the crowd with their super soakers and we are grateful to those who took the time to join us. However, it does send a message when we as a community don’t show up in force.

The first neighborhood walks took place yesterday and very few individuals showed up to help. Again, we are grateful to those who took the time to man tables and walk yesterday but we need more help.

The Jeffco Schools Board of Education made a decision to put 3A and 3B on the ballot based on feedback from parents not wanting to close their schools, change boundaries, or consolidate schools. However, there is nothing the district or board can do if we don’t show up to make 3A and 3B become a reality.

Fiscal decisions are based on what money the district has to work with. So, if we don’t show up and do the work as a community to educate voters, there’s a real possibility that we won’t wake up very happy on November 9th. There’s always that chance that we won’t be successful even when we’re working hard because there’s that voice in our community who just oppose taxes no matter what it’s for, even when that impact is unethical.

We have 50 days until election day and less than 30 days before ballots drop. We have to maximize our time and priorities and the campaign needs more help. The clock is ticking away constantly.


The Jeffco Schools Mill/Bond Campaign isn’t all that different from football season. If you are standing on the sidelines watching, and you don’t like a play or call, it can be pretty easy to sit in that comfortable armchair (with your adult beverage and popcorn in your lap) and cry foul or offer suggestions.

And the campaign is also similar to football in that it’s a team sport. It takes all eleven players on the field working together to pull off a successful drive and touchdown score.  It also takes the coaches on the sidelines sending in calls to fit the strategy; the equipment people have to make sure they have the right amount air in the balls; the medical team has to be prepared for any emergency; even the cheerleaders need to make sure they are supporting the team with positive cheers.  The 12th man on the field plays a pretty important role too.

Consider suiting up…at least buy a ticket and attend the game in person.

Here are just a few ways you can help:

Sign up today to show you support a mill and bond for Jeffco kids. Enter your name to join the growing list of supporters and volunteer!

Sign up to walk!

One of the most important and effective ways of reaching voters is to walk neighborhoods and talk to people about the importance of 3A & 3B for our students.

We will be staging our walks from 3 key locations in the district. Please sign up to walk, we need help ALL OVER JEFFCO! Training will be provided and you can go with a friend! Please sign up!

Put up a yard sign!

Share information from Support Jeffco Schools and Support Jeffco Kids on social media.

To volunteer, you can email

Learn more:

Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education members are hosting community forums this fall.  The meetings are an opportunity for public dialogue with board members about current happenings in our school district. Updates on topics such as Jeffco 2020, budget, and the bond/mill ballot initiative will be presented, with plenty of time for discussion. Our elected school board members cordially invite you to join them at the following meetings, which will be held from 6-7p:

  • 9/28 – Wheat Ridge High School Library
  • 10/10 – Bear Creek High School Library
  • 10/11 – Columbine High School Library
  • 10/17 – Pomona High School Library
  • 10/25 – Evergreen Firehouse

We have a choice, Jeffco!

Do some clicking and signing up while you’re watching the Broncos today!

Please make it YOUR best day on the field with the team!


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