Letter to the Editor from SJK and Friends

Another black eye for Jeffco Schools. Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, Jeffco Schools has embarrassed its community once again. This time, district officials saw fit to reject a visit from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who requested to sign an educational bill (a bi-partisan effort, by the way) at Lakewood High School. The district cited security and logistical concerns.

Really? Lakewood High School had a widely publicized assembly with singer Katy Perry.  Before that, Vice-President Joe Biden appeared at Arvada West High School without incident. Countless legislators have spoken at Jeffco Schools.  Just one month after the Columbine tragedy, the president of the United States  (a Democrat) and his wife led a rally at Chatfield High School with 2,200 in attendance – and the governor  of Colorado (a Republican) was in attendance – along with numerous legislators.

The district’s security and crisis management program is held up as a national model. So it’s hard to believe that security was truly the issue in this case.

So what was the issue – education?  It seems this would have been a great opportunity for students to get some real-life experience in civics and government – arguably a more valuable educational experience than a visit from a rock star.

In a district where a school board member proposed earlier this school year to rewrite the Advanced Placement American history curriculum, this action causes us to scratch our heads once again about motives. We worry about what’s happening to the tradition of quality education in Jefferson County at the hands of partisan politics. Fellow Jeffco residents – it’s time to take notice and take a stand!

Hon. Sue Schafer
Sue Windels, Former Jeffco State Senator
Debra Oberbeck, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
William G. Ross, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
David R. DiGiacomo, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
Dave Thomas, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
Judy Pierce, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
Robin Johnson, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
Hereford Percy, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
Sue Marinelli, Former Jeffco Board of Ed member
Shawna Fritzler, Co-Chair/Co-Founder Support Jeffco Kids
Jonna Levine, Co-Chair/Co-Founder Support Jeffco Kids