Letter From President Ron Mitchell

ICYMI – School Board President, Ron Mitchell, had this letter to the community in the last newsletter to the community. Collaboration is so important to all of us in this community. Partisan politics has no place. We are so proud of the way our board meetings are now run. There’s no shouting, there’s nothing sneaky being thrown in, and there’s great balance. The Board Members don’t always agree with each other, they engage in some fantastic conversations that are all focused on student results, but they all treat each other professionally and with respect.

Mr. Mitchell’s letter is below:

A Message from Board of Education President Ron Mitchell

Dear Jeffco Families,

As I write this letter, we are about a month into another school year in Jeffco. My conversations with people around the district indicate that there is excitement, optimism, and a sense of momentum moving us forward. To each of you who have contributed to this excellent beginning to the 2017-18 school year – thank you!

I would also like to thank our new Superintendent, Dr. Jason Glass, for the leadership he has already provided to our district. Dr. Glass has been tireless in his efforts to meet and communicate with staff and our citizens. His work has contributed to the positive climate that exists in our organization right now. It is exciting that we can face the challenges that lie ahead of us with an optimistic attitude.

During our first regular board meeting, the Board received a presentation on the district CMAS results that sparked a number of questions. Although this state test is only one small component of measuring our success, it was gratifying to see the increases in growth and achievement. It is significant to attain these results in a district our size across all grade levels. Of course, data like this also points to some needed focus areas for the future. Nonetheless, this improvement is appropriately attributed to our teachers and instructional support personnel. To all of you – thank you for your hard work and your commitment to provide a quality education for all students.

Finally, I would like to share a couple of messages about the upcoming Board of Education election. First, and perhaps most important, make sure you are registered to vote and then exercise your democratic right to vote. The outcome of this election certainly has the potential to significantly impact Jeffco’s students for the next four years.

Although the outcome of this election will be significant, I believe the process will be equally as important to the future of Jeffco. In the past, partisan politics have at times overshadowed the real issues that all of us should be considering in a school board election. After a heated partisan election, we are left with a very divided community which makes it difficult for us to move forward collectively. I truly believe that the education of children is not a political issue, but rather it is a responsibility that we all share as members of this community. Our collective responsibility as citizens is to educate all children, prepare tomorrow’s leaders, and provide a well-educated citizenry to perpetuate our great democracy.

I hope that in this election we can elevate our discussions above partisan politics and have conversations about doing the things that help students prepare for a bright future. We should always remember that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders!

Ron Mitchell, Board of Education President