Letter from Kelsey, AWest Grad

To the Jefferson County Board of Education:


I am writing to share with you my journey. I grew up in Arvada, attending Stott Elementary, Hackberry Hill Elementary, Oberon Middle School, and Arvada West High School.


During my four years at Arvada West, my teachers consistently pushed me to strive for greatness.They encouraged my creativity, curiosity, and questions. They expected nothing less than my best effort. My teachers spent countless hours planning lessons, delivering lessons, answering my emails, meeting with me outside of class, grading my papers, and giving me advice and feedback. As I began the college application process, all of my teachers supported me in one way or another. They geared their classes around college prep. They assigned projects surrounding writing essays for applications. We did ACT prep for hours and hours. Beyond academic prep, my teachers taught me how to love learning.  They taught me to be curious and how to question the world around me. And in the end, everything they taught me led to the successes I have experienced.


I attended Colorado State University on the Green and Gold Scholarship. I studied Nutrition and Food Science. I was involved in several things on campus, including Alumni Affairs, and the Office of Admissions. I continued digging deep into my education and continued to transform into a bright and eager learner.


After graduating in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition, I accepted a position at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.  I am now the Coordinator for the Office of Admission and International Student Services. I hire, train, and supervise 15 students from all around the world.


Do you want to know who I couldn’t have made this journey without? My teachers. All of them. From  kindergarten through senior year of college. TEACHERS are the backbone of our education. And Jeffco teachers are some of the absolute BEST ones out there. Teachers need the support from the Board of Education to shower our kids with knowledge and inspiration.


I sincerely hope that the board takes time to read each and every email and letter they receive from proud, successful Jeffco graduates. It is time you listen to the students, parents, and educators who clearly have the strongest grasp of what our school systems need.The teachers deserve respect, support, and a voice in their classrooms.



Kelsey Stamm

Arvada West Class of 2009