Letter from Jeffco Mom

Community leader and Jeffco Mom, Tina Gurdikian, submitted this Letter to the Editor and gave us permission to share it as well. As she notes, it’s so important for those of us who are involved to share why Jeffco needs that new leadership, why our children must be the focus, and why the best superintendent will want to come to Jeffco!


Dear Editor,

We learned last week that the Jeffco Schools Superintendent will step down to an advisory-only role until the end of his contract in June. I applaud the board and Mr. McMinimee for coming to a mutual agreement that is best for our students. In his own words in a quote to Chalkbeat, McMinimee said, “It’s a hard position to be in when you’re no longer focused on the future. When a CEO is removed from a major company or a head coach is removed from a team, they don’t stay around for spring practice or for the next six months.”

Now let’s look at a few of the many reasons why Jeffco Schools needs a new superintendent. Jeffco needs someone with experience as a superintendent and preferably in a district as large and diverse as Jeffco. The new superintendent must be able to unite our community, and be on a mission from the start to build relationships with business and community leaders. The board needs a superintendent who guides and informs them with no surprises in the board room. Students, parents and community members need a superintendent who knows that it’s not just dollars that guide budget decisions, but that major decisions require input from all stakeholders and student achievement must always be a priority.

The board gave McMinimee a fair chance, and he did not deliver. I applaud the board in making this tough decision, and I’m excited to have a new captain at the helm!