Letter from CU, CU School of Law, Yale Grad

To the Jefferson County Board of Education:


My name is Pamela Lee. I attended JeffCo schools from Kindergarten through my high school graduation in 2003.


Since graduating from the JeffCo school system, I received a bachelors in Political Science from CU Boulder in 2008 graduating summa cum laude, attended CU School of Law School after that, and this past May graduated from Yale University with my Masters in Nursing. I am now working as a full time Certified Nurse Midwife in one of the busiest and highest ranked hospitals in the country. 


The fantastic education I received as a JeffCo child prepared me for my rigorous undergrad and graduate education, and I am now a successful working professional in my dream career. This would not have been possible without wonderful, competent teachers to guide me through my schooling.


For example, I was an AP United States history student in Stephanie Rossi’s WRHS class. She taught me to examine our nation’s history with a critical eye, rather than a blind one. I was taught to question, not to obey, to think for myself, not to blindly follow. Without classes like this, with free and unhindered use of classroom instructional materials, my education would suffer dramatically and I may not have achieved the career success I did.


If it weren’t for my instruction by Natalie Schiele in my Newspaper class, I would not have learned how question or research properly. She also helped me learn to think critically and outside the box. She taught me, like Mrs. Rossi, to examine events beyond face-value. She taught me the importance of deadlines and hard work.


The JeffCo schools were amazing when I was a child, and I am saddened to see how JeffCo teachers are being treated now. I’m ashamed. The teachers are worth it. They’re fantastic, and I’m incredibly grateful for their hard work and for always being my supporter. Even beyond the teachers though, the children are worth it. I’m worried that because of bureaucracy, current JeffCo kids will not be as prepared as I was for their future education and career. I’m truly saddened by this and request that the Jefferson County School Board support its teachers, and in turn, support the education of students through comprehensive learning focused on critical thinking and not a one-size fits all “education-in-a-box.”



Thank you for your consideration,

Pamela Ruth Lee