Leslie, Arvada High Grad

To Whom it May Concern:


I graduated from Arvada High School in 2005. I was salutatorian, class president, a Varsity cheerleader, and Editor-in-Chief of our newspaper, the Crimson Report. Needless to say, I was involved in a lot, worked and learned from many teachers, and am still trailblazing as an adult.


Currently, I am a 2nd grade teacher in Aurora Public Schools. I’m also a graduate student in my last two semesters to get my Master’s degree in Literacy Curriculum and Development from CU- Boulder. I am a lifelong learner because I want to be a lifelong teacher, giving back to what my JeffCo community gave me.


I’m also the mother of three amazing kiddos. Our oldest will be ready for kindergarten next fall. I would love for him to have the JeffCo foundation and education his father and I had. The problem is, he’d get that amazing education now from the teachers that are there, but I’m scared as to what will happen to him, his classrooms, and his teachers based on the vicious, educational terrorists that are the current BOE.


I know that I wake up each day, tackle the world, and kick booty because of the things I learned and learned to value in my JeffCo schools. I was a Thomson Tiger, a North Arvada Knight, and an Arvada Red/Bulldog. In those schools and from those staffs, I learned and experienced leadership, perseverance, determination, loyalty, gratitude, selflessness, and creativity. I learned the value of ALL educational topics, my favorite or not, as they propelled me toward opportunity. I am a great writer and reader, I’m a decent mathematician, and although I don’t have the knack for it, I’m a scientist and historian, too. I excelled in all of these subjects because of the teachers who taught me. The teachers in JeffCo schools must have done something right – like really, really right – because I walked out of JeffCo schools with all but one A for 13 years straight.


I am a contributing, well-rounded, college-prepared citizen because of the foundation I got in JeffCo. Thank you, JeffCo teachers, for gracing me with your goodness – your passion for your profession and craft, to educate youth – from 1992 to 2005. I hope I can do you and our future justice. #standup4kids


Thank you to: Mrs.Ginther, Mrs. Billings, Mrs. Horst (2x), Mr. Trindle, Mr. Buehler, Mrs. LaBorde/Mr. Lee/Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Law, Mrs. Beveridge, Mrs. McDaniels, Mr. Lebsack, Mrs. Patee, Mrs. Olson, Ms. Taylor, Mrs. Langford, Mr. Stern, Mrs. Kionka, Mr. Will, Mrs. Schlosser, Mrs. Wassinger, Mr. Carpinello, Mr. Hostetter, Mrs. Helgen, Mrs. Bragdon, Mr. Smith (RIP), Mr. Munholland, Mr. Pendorf, Mr. Detlefsen, Mr. McCormick, Mr. Castellano, Mr. Floerchinger, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Murray, Mrs. Castellano, Mr. Dwyer, Mademoiselle Lowe, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Kazemi, Mr. Miller, Mr. Livingston






Leslie Sacher