Leaving Jeffco

Another speaker, a former Jeffco father, addressed the Board on Thursday about their decision to LEAVE Jeffco for the sake of their children.  They came to Jeffco from Fairfax County Virginia (a district that receives more than double the per pupil funding that Jeffco receives) because they KNEW how great our schools were!


I would like to address the issue of how the current board has decided to take a falsehearted approach to negotiating with the JCEA, an organization that has never made unreasonable demands for their duties, and it is clear that the board majority will make it a priority to eliminate the JCEA as a community partner regardless of its positive and collaborative history here in Jeffco.  It is evident a political crusader agenda is being thrust through this school district.  We choose Jeffco Schools for our 3 children after moving from Fairfax County Virginia because we knew Jeffco we knew Jeffco was a great place to live and raise a family.


However, when it came time for us to move into a bigger home, we chose to buy our new home in the Littleton Public School System and specifically chose to leave Jeffco due to the turmoil as of recent as a result of the new school board majority.


It appears that this school system is now a political battleground with outside agendas driving so-called reform efforts, and we would prefer to avoid the negative consequences of this type of social experimentation premised on anti-union philosophies and privatization goals.  After learning what type of turmoil Dougco schools have endured, it is clear that the Jeffco system will be replicating the same system as they have in Dougco.


There is something to be said about those who wish to “improve” education who have no expertise in the field of education.  We know what made a quality public education for my wife and I, and we want the same thing for our own children; without the politics, the curriculum engineering, the PR, the use of my kids scores as financial instruments for teacher compensation, and all the choices you claim you want to provide us.  We want a solid and proven system and Jeffco is going down a rabbit trail.


We are hard-working, well-educated, honest patriotic Americans, and we want the best for our children. Unfortunately, Jeffco is now a place I do not want my family due to the unproven ideological goals of a deeply disturbing school board whose inexperience and partisan motivations are not attracting families, but instead driving them away.  I am exercising my school choice, and it is Littleton now.