Leadership From Dr. Glass

It’s the little things that matter. Every involved parent will tell you that relationships and support matter for our children and our educators.

Our superintendent is certainly doing his job to lead the way into bringing Jeffco back to that caring and welcoming district it had a reputation for being and attracting the best talent because of the environment. The following email was shared with us by an amazing educator and we want to make sure the community can see where Jeffco is heading under the leadership of Dr. Glass:

Dear Colleagues,

I know these have been incredibly difficult days following the terrible school shooting in Florida and the repeated threats we have experienced here in Jeffco.

I simply want to say “thank you” for your dedication, professionalism, and care for our children and community under what I know have been incredibly difficult circumstances.

Please take some time to take care of yourselves this weekend – you deserve it!

As we head home tonight, Jeffco’s kids are safe and this is what matters most. Looking ahead, our community will need us on Monday – and we will be ready.

I am proud of Jeffco, and I am proud of you.

With deep respect, admiration, and love,

Jason E. Glass, Ed.D.
Superintendent & Chief Learner
Jeffco Public Schools


This warmed our hearts. Not only did he take the time to thank the people serving our children but he answered a tremendous number of questions on social media as well.

Thanks to Dr. Glass, you clearly Support Jeffco Kids, their families, and our entire staff!