Lead Concerns

With school starting, we know parents may have concerns about the testing results for their child’s school. You can find those results here: http://www.jeffcopublicschools.org/business/lead_tests/index.html


What action will the district take if lead is found?

First, any source testing over 15 ppb will not be used for drinking water via warning signs and/or disconnection of the source. Second, any known users will be notified that lead has been found in a drinking water source. Third, staff will work to correct the issue and bring the lead levels down. The source will not be used for drinking until tests come back below 15 ppb, sources testing above 20 ppb will be addressed first. If necessary, bottled water will be provided.

For more info see: http://www.jeffcopublicschools.org/departments/profiles/?department_id=7

Per 9News  http://www.9news.com/mb/news/local/investigations/jeffco-public-schools-testing-water-for-lead/296364357:

“The district is currently in the process of testing approximately 115 of its schools for lead contaminated water.

So far the district has received lab results from about 72 elementary schools.

JeffCo said once it finds a water source with high levels, the water is turned off at that location and faucets and pipes are replaced.

The remediation cost is expected to exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


It should be noted, the lead issue was being addressed months before the mill/bond was placed on the ballot.   It is also worth noting, the work to address high lead readings at schools is being taken care of now and the work will continue, regardless of whether the mill/bond is passed. This is important and the district won’t take any chances where the health of our students and staff is concerned.

We must remember though, every new need means something else from the budget cannot be funded or is delayed. Due to statewide education funding issues, the budget is tight and cuts have impacted our kids for years. We need to take care of our Jeffco kids today.