Kudos to Senator Kerr

Over the past few days, we have asked for our community to testify and contact their legislators regarding SB154 and the negative impact it would have on our public schools for all children. We are so appreciative to all of you who participated in this effort!

Today, we were delighted to see a very well thought out response to constituents from Senator Andy Kerr! We do wish all legislators would communicate with constituents in this way as we happen to be the very people they are supposed to be serving down at the State Capitol! Additionally, we are pleased to report that Senator Kerr also took the time to write personal thank you notes to individuals who provided testimony.


Senator Kerr’s response can be read below:


Thank for taking the time to contact me about Senate Bill 16-154. This bill would create a tax credit for families who choose to enroll their children in private schools or provide home schooling. I believe that parents should have a choice when it comes to how and where their children are educated. However, this bill takes away valuable funding from an already strapped education system which is still rebounding from significant budget cuts made during the recession

In recent years, the Colorado legislature has worked hard to help public schools overcome the $1billion deficit they were left with following the recession. The state has a responsibility to provide the best education it can to the 830,000 K-12 students in Colorado who rely on a public education from their neighborhood school. Private schools may be the right choice for some families but they are exempt from state laws and regulations that publicly funded schools are mandated to follow, including accountability laws and policies that protect students from discrimination.

If you would like to speak with me face-to-face about this or any other issue, please be my guest at one of my regular town halls, “Appetizers with Andy,” or other community meetings. I meet with my neighbors on the first Saturday of each month at the Lakewood Cultural Center, 470 S. Allison Pkwy at 9:30 a.m., and on the third Wednesday of each month at various local restaurants. If you would like updates about the meetings, their topics, and other information about the legislative session, please sign up for my newsletter at AndyKerr.org.

Senator Andy Kerr


Not only did Senator Kerr respond, he also invited additional participation and provided information on how to get more involved. THIS is the way we’d like to see all legislators react to correspondence from constituents.  

Thank you, Senator Kerr! You clearly Support Jeffco Kids and all Colorado kids!