King Soopers Cards For Serving Kids

Support Jeffco Kids has been on a mission to help the wonderful people at Serving Kids provide clothing, coats, shoes, boots, and undergarments for our neediest Jeffco Kids for quite some time. Serving Kids also participates in this no cost King Soopers card fundraiser. All you need is a special card to purchase your groceries and gas with and Serving Kids receives 5% of what you spend.

To make this effort larger and faster and to serve more Jeffco kids, we’re going to take YOUR orders for the $2.50 cards and our volunteers will deliver the card to you, take your $2.50, and deliver it back to Serving Kids!

All you have to do is fill out this form and we’ll contact you and come to you at your convenience!

You don’t have to plan time during office hours to get a card, we’ll come to you day, evening, or weekends. Whatever is convenient! We just need your help!

All you have to do is shop and buy your gas as you normally do but use the card to give 5% of your purchase value to benefit Jeffco kids!

Full information and instructions are included at the link and the volunteer who delivers your card can answer questions as well.

If you can volunteer to help with King Soopers card deliveries, we’d love your help as well! Just email us at

Imagine what we could provide to our neediest children if everyone in Jeffco participated in this no cost fundraiser! Help us spread the word, please!

Supporting all kids in Jefferson County Colorado