Julie Williams Takes Things Too Far

Julie Williams and her friends at the Independence Institute have taken things a step too far. It has gone so far beyond politics to outright lies to gain sympathy and use a children in a lie claiming bullying in an event that NEVER happened. This is not okay.  We have submitted a CORA request to get the facts of the investigation that we know was conducted – we paid for the investigation as taxpayers! Let’s hope the PR firm hired by the district is compelled by their LEGAL obligation to respond since Ms. Williams has made this a public matter. Had anyone used her child or any child in this way, we’d be the first to help put a stop to it, as would hundreds of other individuals in Jeffco.

ColoradoPols did an article about it earlier today and they are correct, it really is very ugly.



The Jeffco mom below has firsthand knowledge of Ms. Williams through their children and has written her and the rest of the Board Majority numerous times. Well, those baseless accusations and lies for the sake of politics and sympathy have other children at the end of the accusations. Never mess with a mother and her children.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kristen Simon
Date: Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 1:19 PM
Subject: Who are the real bullies?
To: “<julie@williamsforjeffcoschools.com>” <julie@williamsforjeffcoschools.com>, Julie Williams <hobbit.house@comcast.net>, “juwillia@jeffco.k12.co.us” <juwillia@jeffco.k12.co.us>, “board@jeffco.k12.co.us” <board@jeffco.k12.co.us>

I am sending this to Ms. Williams’ personal email, because I think it is important enough that she reads it.

I am beyond disgusted. One of my previous emails stated for you to picture my son as you tell these lies. My son, you know who he is, you shot a dirty look to him at Back to School night when he had the nerve to say hi to Ryan. Maybe you consider saying hi a form of bullying, I don’t know. However, this video was made after I requested you picture my son’s face when you accuse students at SLHS of bullying. Are you saying it was my son? I want to hear you say it. I will go public, I will make a stink and I will get character references about my son. You know as well as every student, staff member and involved parent at the three accused schools that my son is not a bully. However, YOU have made it known to every person that watches that video that he is. I feel this needs to be repeated, there are people at the other end of these accusations. Ms. Williams, you have no proof, except that your son told you he held a sign like a picket line. Really? Should we look at the signs these students were holding, they did not attach handles to them. There were poster boards that the students made. AGAIN, THE PROTEST HAPPENED ON A DAY THE SCHOOL WAS CLOSED!!!! 

Ms. Williams, you are in a position of trust. The end of the video asks, “Who are the real bullies?” Let me answer that, it is Julie Williams.

I am beyond disgusted that you would use your position and your very sweet son (I wonder how he feels about you making false accusations about his peers) to bully and degrade our students and staff. The question remains, who do you represent?   It certainly isn’t the students and staff at SLHS, MMS and SGE. Now, to top things off there were threats on your wall earlier this week by a friend of yours. How serious were these threats? A supporter of yours suggested, I confront this madman. I am not comfortable with you in my kid’s schools and I will let them know if they see you, to get out of the room immediately. When I am aware of an actual bullying situation, I take actions to protect my kids.
A proud Gator mom,
Kristen Simon
PS- Still waiting on that apology to SGE, MMS and SLHS.

By all means, you have every right to include your children in your campaign videos! Please do! As mothers we should all be proud of our children! However, using your child to lie about other children being bullies is another thing entirely.


The school was closed on the day she claimed this happened.