Our former Board of Education Members are still advocating and they Support Jeffco Kids! Have you done so yet? You need to!

Here’s all the information you need to help! http://www.supportjeffcokids.org/contacthouse/

Now here’s their letter:

To the Members of the House Education Committee:

Chair – Rep. Brittany Pettersen, Vice Chair – Rep. Janet Buckner, Rep. Jeff Bridges, Rep. Justin Everett, Rep.Tony Exum, Rep. Alec Garnett, Rep. Pete Lee, Rep. Tim Leonard, Rep. Paul Lundeen, Rep. Barbara McLachlan, Rep. Judy Reyher, Rep. Lang Sias, Rep. Jim Wilson

Many things have changed in education in Colorado, and the nation, since 1994. The 1994 formula served us well for many years, but it is now nearly 25 years old, and considering the many unfunded mandates passed since that time, and the changes in our state, we believe it does not reflect the demographics or the needs of students in our schools in 2018.

The 1994 formula does not address the significant expansion of programmatic issues that schools are expected to provide

The 1994 formula does little to account for students who are identified as gifted and talented and as English language learners

Currently, Special Education students are funded far below the amount established through the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

The current formula does not account for the unprecedented needs of students in the area of mental health.

Simply put, the 1994 formula does not recognize many of the students who are in our schools today.  It is neither adequate nor equitable.

HB1232 is just good policy. This proposed formula addresses all of those issues listed above and has no impact on the General Fund; it provides a roadmap for distributing funds once adequate funds become available.

This is not about raising taxes.  It’s about putting good policy into place, policy that supports high quality public education for Colorado’s 900,000 students.

We appreciate the Interim Committee on School Finance is mid-way through their designated assignment and the amount of work that is still left to be accomplished is significant. We believe the superintendents’ work will help the Interim Committee achieve its lofty goals by helping with one piece of the school finance puzzle. Superintendents — in close collaboration with local school boards, community members and staff — are closest to the schools that are on the front lines. They are responsible for grappling with how funds are best applied to meet the needs of their respective school district and community.  By passing HB18-1232, you are helping move forward the critical work to support our students, our state and our future.

Thank you,

Lesley Dahlkemper, Former Jeffco School Board Member

Jon DeStefano, Former Jeffco School Board Member

David R. DiGiacomo,  Former Jeffco School Board Member

Jill Fellman,  Former Jeffco School Board Member

Robin Johnson,  Former Jeffco School Board Member

Susan Marinelli, Former Jeffco School Board Member

Debra Oberbeck,  Former Jeffco School Board Member

Hereford Percy,  Former Jeffco School Board Member

Judy Pierce,  Former Jeffco School Board Member

William Ross, Former Jeffco School Board Member

Dave Thomas, Former Jeffco School Board Member