Jeffcon – Apply Soon!

We are excited to share information about another cool thing about to happen in Jeffco Schools!


Jeffco’s own stellar IT staff are interacting with students and sharing their expertise through Jeffcon!

There’s a ton of information on the website – and we’re including a bunch of it below! Please encourage your students to apply!

“The 2018 Jeffcon conference is being hosted by Jeffco’s Information Technology department. This exciting conference will give students the opportunity to hear about various IT roles directly from experienced Jeffco staff.”

“The goal of this conference is to share real world experiences and knowledge with students as they explore potential career opportunities in the field of Information Technology.”

Date: January 31, 2018
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Jeffco Education Center Board Room
1829 Denver West Drive #27
Golden, Colorado 80401

If you are interested in attending Jeffcon 2018 please complete the application form and give it to your school counselor.

Space is limited to 10 students per High School and you must be able to arrange transportation to and from the conference.


The courses:

Behind the Tabs: Web Application Security

Presenter: Christopher Linton
2 Sessions

Do you know what’s going on behind all of those open browser tabs? This session provides a fun overview of some of the basics of web application security: proxies, cookies, XSS, SQLi, HTTP Error 418 I’m a teapot, and more.

Business Technology Tools

Presenter: Fran Williamson
4 Sessions

This session includes multiple stations, each presenting a short session for students to walk up, view the presentation, and ask questions. Topics include PeopleSoft apps development, Integration messaging technology, Oracle database support, and Systems design modeling.

Cisco Hackathon

Presenter: Akshay Kumar Sankaran
4 Sessions

Advanced “Hands on” session providing students an overview of the concepts and challenges of transformational Internet of Things (IoT). Understanding the relevant aspects of cybersecurity and privacy for an IoT solution

Computer Repair

Presenter: Codi Johnson
4 Sessions

Learn more about how to troubleshoot and repair computer hardware. We show you how to replace screens, RAM, and more!

Data Center Tour

Presenters: Brett Miller, Aleksey Silaev and Ray Gaglia
2 Sessions

Explore the evolution of computing and how data centers have shifted from being the center for data processing in an organization to cloud based information centers and subscription/capacity on demand models of today.

Enterprise Device Management

Presenters: Jay Schottler, Brian Gappa and Justin Goedken
4 Sessions

How to manage 90,000 devices with only a few people. We explore different ways of managing large numbers of devices. We also learn more about the Google Domain, SCCM, Jamf, and Group Policy.

Enterprise Web Design and Development

Presenter: Cosmo Felton
2 Sessions

This session provides an overview of web development for a large enterprise, with discussion of the technologies used (including trends and emerging tech) as well as skills and job duties required. We will address the differences between developing for a large organization vs. smaller companies or design firms. Will also discuss the differences between web design and web development and the different skillsets required.

The Firewall – A Day in the Life

Presenter: Andy Dokken
1 Session

This session gives you a look at day-to-day firewall operations and how the firewall fits into Jeffco’s Information Security Risk Management to help keep you safe from the bad guys.

How IT Support works

Presenter: Shawn Rhoades
4 Sessions

Participants will learn how IT support works in an organization the size of Jeffco. Departments covered will include the Help Desk, Field Support and Client Engineering teams.

Information Security Trends

Presenter: Chris Paschke
3 Sessions

In this session, we will look at industry trends in information security and what students need to excel in an information security career.

The Internet of You

Presenter: Kasim Esmail
4 Sessions

From fiber optics to the power button on your smartphone, there’s a complex world of technology making digital services fun and easy to use. Today’s technologies are as diverse as the people who make them work. In this session we’ll explore the technology industry and the opportunities for those looking to enter the field.

Q&A – You Decide the Topics!

Host: Kent Micho
4 Sessions

Participants will be able to ask a panel questions about anything in IT. On the panel, we will have people who work in a variety of Jeffco IT departments, school outreach representatives, and vendors. Each of us will bring our own very unique perspectives to the discussion. This is your chance to ask questions about careers in a variety of IT fields, pathways to those careers, or anything else about IT you’ve always wanted to know.

Networks are FUN!

Presenter: Ken Keelan
4 Sessions

This session covers networking basics, including IP addresses, and routing. We also take a look at the Jeffco network, and learn how it is built and managed.

Why Tech Support is like Speed Dating

Presenter: Adam Stowe
4 Sessions

Three skills to improve your personal and professional communication. This session will focus on the importance of communication within IT and the effect that it has on the end user experience.

WiFi – The Invisible Necessity!

Presenter: John Fuller
4 Sessions

We discuss the fastest growing method of communication while on the move. We’ll go over some fundamentals in building wireless networks as each environment has its own requirements and challenges, and show you how to look into issues that are not visible to the human eye and begin the troubleshooting process. If you choose a career in the wireless field, what would your day-to-day look like? How can wireless be used to overcome restrictions where physical cables cannot be run? What are radio frequency limitations? Jeffco has 6,700 access points over 774 square miles; how do we maintain such a network?

Women in IT

Presenters: Jenny Garland and Sarah Sena
4 Sessions

How did we get here? We live in a technology driven economy with a growing demand for talent which means accessing the best people. Come hear our journey and what led us to IT. A discussion of our roles in Jeffco and what we do on a daily basis.

This is amazingly innovative and exciting! A huge thanks to Jeffco’s IT staff, they truly Support Jeffco Kids!