Jeffco Teacher Supports Jeffco Kids

One of our outstanding Jeffco teachers missed public comment at the Board Meeting the other night. We asked to be able to share her words with you here:


Since I missed public comment at the school board meeting because of my own board meeting, here’s what I was going to say: 

My name is Rhiannon Wenning, and I am speaking as an individual Jeffco taxpayer, homeowner, teacher, and proud JCEA member. I am asking the Board this evening to approve putting a Mill/Bond question on the 2016 ballot. I ask this of the Board because we as a district are not providing the schools and learning environments our students deserve and need, to learn and grow. And, furthermore, the schools this district has a history of providing the children and employees of Jeffco. 

We have schools in my articulation area and nearby that have the highest Free and Reduced Lunch rates and population of ELL students in the district. Yet their pipes are leaking lead and possibly poisoning our children and staff. Though our district ESPs and staff have done an excellent job at mitigating these concerns, why do we need to worry about whether or not lead is seeping into our schools’ water in the first place? I had the opportunity to meet some mothers from Flint, Michigan this summer and told them what was found in these schools. They passionately urged us to act and not allow taxes or politics get in the way of our children’s health and lives, like it did for their community and own children. I wholeheartedly agree with them and urge the Board to follow their advice. 

We have students and staff in my own building who are literally dripping with sweat as they educate and learn, getting sick, and passing out because their classrooms are way too hot. I have students who wear their winter coats and bring blankets to class because they are so cold. I myself have experienced these conditions. How do we expect our educators to effectively educate and our students to learn if they are sweating and shivering all of the time? Is this providing a school that my students deserve? I think not.

Until the state can adequately and constitutionally fund public education, and not let taxes and politics get in the way of legislating, we need to stand up for our students , provide them the schools they deserve, and therefore, put a mill/bond on this year’s ballot. I think our students are worth the money, don’t you?


Now that is true advocacy!

Support Jeffco Kids!