Jeffco Students For Change

The Jeffco Students for Change posted this the other day and gave us permission to share:


In the envelopes pictured below are the ultimate results of a years worth of work for JeffCo Students for change. We have dedicated the last year of our lives dedicated to this cause and we have never been prouder. Over the past few weeks from across the country Jefferson County alumni and Jefferson County students have sent in ballots that represent countless hours of dedication, late night board meetings full of anger and tears, months of struggle as we have tried to fight for schools that we may no longer even be in just so that our siblings, your siblings, your children, and one day our children may have the best education in Jefferson County Colorado.


Every teacher! Every student! Every parent! Every community member! Every School Board Member. Should have their eyes glued on the outcome of next week’s election. We have never been prouder to call ourselves American citizens than we are when we drop these ballots in the mail.


You have a voice! Use it! Don’t let anyone silence it! And when they try to take that voice from you, scream out in defiance! Yell louder than you have ever screamed before! This is my recall! This is my work! This is my vote! These are our schools! These are our futures! THIS IS OUR VOICE! AND WITH IT JEFFCO WILL. THRIVE!


The JeffCo Students For Change



Dear Jeffco Students for Change:

We’re pretty proud of you, too! 

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