Jeffco Schools Board of Education Unanimously Supports #GSTC2018

Our Jeffco Board of Education understands the extreme need to fund our schools in Colorado. We were grateful to see them unanimously support the Great Schools, Thriving Communities Initiative #93 last week. This would bring in $120M-140M per year for Jeffco alone and no one who makes less than $150,001 per year will incur any additional tax impact. Further, it resolves the Gallagher impact that causes education funding to racket down.

Brad Rupert, Board Member, reads the Resolution:

The unanimous vote to Support Jeffco Kids and all Colorado kids:

What can you do to help them support this? Sign a petition, carry a petition, and tell your friends about it! Click the link to read more and find a petition to sign:

Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education
In Support of Initiative 93

WHEREAS, the Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education believes that every student should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential and to participate meaningfully in the civic and economic life of the community as outlined in the Generations vision; and

WHEREAS, the Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education passed a resolution on February 1, 2018 in support of adequate and equitable funding to ensure high quality public education is available to all Colorado students; and

WHEREAS, the Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education received information on March 5, 2018 on the Great Schools, Thriving Communities ballot initiative (now known as Initiative 93); and

WHEREAS, the State of Colorado should provide every student the chance to succeed regardless of their zip code, or their learning needs; and

WHEREAS, quality public education develops a competitive workforce that will drive a vibrant Colorado economy for decades to come; and

WHEREAS, Colorado is experiencing a crisis in securing teachers for technical and scientific fields and a severe shortage of qualified teacher candidates in our rural areas; and

WHEREAS, teachers new to the profession struggle to make ends meet and/or support a family in the metro area as teacher pay in Colorado continues to significantly lag other states, and we compete for non-teaching staff with companies who have the ability to offer pay and benefit packages that exceed what we can provide; and

WHEREAS, Colorado’s investment in education is lagging behind other states — Colorado ranks 48th nationally in personal income invested in education; and

WHEREAS, education funding has not recovered from the recession: in the 2017/2018 school year alone, Colorado schools were underfunded by nearly $830 million; and

WHEREAS, the loss to Jeffco Public Schools students and families has been over $630 million since 2009, which could have been used to grow early childhood education, career and technical education, mental health supports and the continuous improvement in student learning and life outcomes supported through Jeffco’s strategic plan; and

WHEREAS, the citizen’s ballot initiative #93, Great Schools, Thriving Communities, builds on the successes of Colorado’s public schools by expanding educational opportunities for our students, preparing them for success in college, career and life; preparing a qualified workforce for decades to come; ensuring that Colorado’s economic prosperity is shared with every community within the state; and

WHEREAS, Great Schools, Thriving Communities (Initiative 93) will bring Colorado’s investment in public education closer to the national average by raising $1.6 billion dollars annually through creating higher taxes on incomes above $150,000 and on “C” corporations; provides sustainable support for schools by stabilizing property taxes; addresses the most pressing needs of our local schools – pays for full-day kindergarten and significantly increases funding for Special Education, English Language Learners and Gifted & Talented students; and

WHEREAS, of the 175 school superintendents in Colorado, 171 support House Bill 18- 1232, legislation providing a framework through the state’s School Finance Act to disperse and manage the funds gained through Initiative 93; and,

WHEREAS, Great Schools, Thriving Communities (Initiative 93) gives school districts and local communities greater control in devising programs to meet the needs of all their students;


The Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education endorses the Great Schools, Thriving Communities ballot initiative #93 and asks that all voters in Colorado, and specifically in Jefferson County, join them in support of this effort to inform their fellow citizens of the dire need to provide adequate and equitable funding through passage of Initiative 93 so that a generation of Colorado children do not face limits in reaching their potential and our state continues to enjoy economic success for those we raise and educate here in Colorado.

ADOPTED AND APPROVED this 5th day of April, 2018.

Jefferson County School District R-1