Jeffco Schools, A Call to Action

Was a time in the late forties
Every town had its own schools
Every one a separate District
Every one had its own rules

There was so much duplication
In the things that must be done
So they joined them all together
And they called themselves R-1

Well they pooled all their resources
Was amazing what they did
Since the focus of their efforts
Was for each and every kid

Now the time was in the fifties
They deployed resources well
Student test scores now were soaring
Kids and teachers rang the bell

Every subject had a leader
Kept abreast of trends that work
Brought those methods back to Jeffco
Every subject got its perk

This was blended with the units
Every lesson was enhanced
Teachers learned how to deliver
Teachings that were now advanced

Later still the nineteen fifties
Edward Murrow would declare
Jeffco Schools are really excellent
Very few schools can compare

Decades passed, the schools got better
Student’s minds propered and grew
Early nineties something happened
Spending now under review

Voters passed a new Amendment
Thought their taxes were too high
Called the T.A.B.O.R. Legislation
Budget cutting would apply

Now the District kept progressing
Keeping children in their sight
Both the Board and union leaders
Worked things out, did what was right

Year by year the scores got better
Tests were there to measure growth
Found the weak spots and addressed them
Staff had lived up to its oath

Every year the budget tightened
Every year they worked it out
Kids were still the major target
That’s what teaching’s all about

Recently they lost some focus
Board election was in sight
Voters had become complacent
Didn’t vote and lost the fight

The new Board had its agenda
Wouldn’t listen to the crowd
Introduced some new directions
Protests now were very loud

Well the students with their parents
Began voicing their concern
They were joined now by their teachers
“Don’t impede their chance to learn”

Irate mommies and their children
Were fed up, they’d had enough
Now they put the Board on notice
Time has come to call their bluff

Moms developed a petition
Gathered all the names they need
Took the papers to the County
Now they’re waiting to proceed

Do not think the work is finished
No, the battle’s just begun
Now the voters come November
Must keep Jeffco number one

Leo Lohman


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