Jeffco Safety and Security

The safety of our children and staff in our schools. It’s on the minds of everyone right now. Regardless of where we stand on the issues or ideas and thoughts we may have, including and listening to the experts in this area is crucial. They have the experience in dealing with these traumatic events and have learned so much from experience.

Jeffco’s own safety and security team are recognized nationally as the Gold Standard in school safety and security for a reason. Executive Director John McDonald has taught this subject around the country in 17 states and is a nationally recognized leader and subject matter expert.

Please take the time to watch the Facebook LIVE edition of Dr. Glass’ Talking Ed, featuring John McDonald, Executive Director of Security and Emergency Management for Jeffco Schools.

A huge thanks to Dr. Glass and the safety and security team for having this discussion and including so much information for us to learn about the daily operations and the many ideas that people have thrown out. We appreciate your hard work!