Jeffco PTA Board Votes Unanimously to Oppose

We have received an abundance of emails over the past few days regarding the Board Committee for Curriculum Review Resolution, see the full info here:$file/JW%20PROPOSAL%20Board%20Committee%20for%20Curriculum%20Review.pdf


We will try to share a sampling of these with you today, for those who are not aware of this issue and the uproar it is causing.


Here’s a Press Release from Jeffco PTA:



September 18, 2014

For Immediate Release                                             


Jeffco PTA Board Votes Unanimously to Oppose


Board Committee for Curriculum Review Resolution$file/JW%20PROPOSAL%20Board%20Committee%20for%20Curriculum%20Review.pdf


Jefferson County, Co. – On Wednesday, September 17th, the Jeffco PTA Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose the Board Committee for Curriculum Review Resolution as presented on Board Docs for the September 18th, 2014 meeting.  


“My board voted unanimously to oppose the formation of this Curriculum Review Committee.  Jeffco Schools employs professionals, educational experts, who should be making these decisions. Additionally, Jeffco Schools has a Curriculum and Text Book Review Committee which includes a variety of community participants.  I have participated in the text book review process myself and find it to be thorough and adequate and I believe it would irresponsible of the school board to form a committee of citizens chosen solely by a board majority vote,” said Jeffco PTA President Michele Patterson.


President Patterson continued, “If the board moves forward with this committee, they will be wading into dangerous territory. Censorship is not an issue parents or our Jeffco community will take lightly.”  National PTA believes that students need access to information in order to explore and experience the diversity of ideas in a pluralistic society. 


For additional information, see the following policies and position statements from National PTA and Colorado PTA. 


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