Jeffco Parent, Taxpayer and Teacher

A Jeffco Parent, Taxpayer, and Teacher addressed the Board of Education this past Thursday, February 5th.  Here are her words:


I have a number of questions for Board members, that are related to a variety of different topics.  I am asking these questions in public comment because my emails to Board Majority members and to the Board secretary go unanswered, so continuing to ask questions via email seems like an exercise in futility.  I would welcome any Board member continuing the precedent set last month of taking a point of personal privilege to answer these questions, and/or I look forward to receiving answers within the next few days.


  1. The Board policy regarding substitutions of speakers during public comment has been applied inconsistently.  Some groups are allowed to substitute (ex: a group including Donna Jack in January 2015) and some groups are not (Ex: Michael Clark’s group in Spring 2014.) Will the Board set a policy and apply it consistently to all speakers?

  2. A few months ago, a group who experienced technical difficulties in signing up for public comment was allowed to speak because they had texted Mr. Witt and/or Mr. Miller.  Will this alternative method of public comment sign up–and thus your cell phone numbers–be made available to all citizens and advertised on Board Docs?  If not, will certain citizens still be allowed to use this method, even though it is not available to all?

  3. Mr. Newkirk: What are the names of the all people who contributed to, authored, and/or edited the resolution requesting a PARCC waiver?  

  4. Mr. Witt: Did you discuss the upcoming JCEA bargaining session and/or the JCEA contract during your meeting with members of other school boards at Jose O’Sheas in January?

  5. Mr. Witt: You publically stated information about Alameda High School on KHOW in January that was factually incorrect.  (You stated that the school’s 10th grade Proficient and Above Reading scores were 9% when they are in fact 46% and you stated that the Alameda Area Plan was centered around performance concerns, when the community and staff have been told it is strictly a facilities concern.)  When will you be publicly correcting these statements, and it what forum?

  6. The results of last year’s budget survey were disregarded, and multiple comments were made that this was because the survey could be taken multiple times by the same people.  Since survey takers had to include an email address this year, can we get assurance that this year’s survey data will not be similarly dismissed?

  7. In a related question, two budget survey questions were left off the survey and added later.  Can we  have an assurance that this error on the part of the district will not be held against the citizens, and will not be used as an excuse to discredit the survey?

  8. At your last Study Session, Mrs. Williams mentioned that the only resource she had to keep up with bargaining last year was the JCEA website.  Why did she not receive some form of regular updates from the District’s bargaining team?  What steps will be taken this Spring to ensure that every Board member is well informed during the negotiations process?

  9. For the record, are any Board members philosophically or in principle opposed to a Collective Bargaining Agreement with JCEA?  In other words, is there any situation in which you would authorize your bargaining team to sign a Tentative Agreement and then, once ratified by the members, actually move forward and vote to approve it?