Jeffco Looks Different, Brings Along Excuses

Things look different in Jeffco Schools these days.


Dr. Stevenson




Dan McMinimee


(Note the Tea Party sign in the background.)


The trust is gone. Jeffco Schools Superintendent Dan McMinimee and Leadership Program of the Rockies buddy  er, Communications Chief Lisa Pinto made a decision to NOT allow the Governor of the State of Colorado to have a Bill signing in our schools.  

You can learn more about the Communications Chief here –


A former Jeffco Schools communications professional noted that in the last three years, Lakewood High School has hosted Paul Ryan, Ed Perlmutter, Tom Tancredo, and Governor Hickenlooper. Most of these events were arranged with a week to two days notice. And let’s not forget the Katy Perry concert at LHS for which the Governor was in attendance!  


Not only did this highly political action by paid Jeffco Schools staff embarrass the community, but the Communications Chief actually sent this statement: “For your information, the governor’s visit was unanticipated and it was a tremendous honor, but unfortunately, a week did not give us time to cover his security needs and figure out logistics for our students who are in final exams, and of course we have graduations on Wednesday, too. We would welcome the JeffCo delegation and the governor here in the Fall to see all the innovative things we’re doing here at JeffCo schools and see our incredible staff and students at work. And the fall would be better because students wouldn’t be distracted by exams or graduation.”  


We’ll forget the run on sentences and award-winning number of conjunctions in one little paragraph as well as the laughable “for your information” intro by a “communications professional,” but perhaps it would be good to note that Bill signings happen during and just after the legislative session. As in, not in the Fall.  


Bill signings at our schools have happened previously and there’s never been an issue and is an amazing civic experience for students. John McDonald, the Executive Director of School Safety, Security and Emergency Management, and a nationally recognized subject matter expert, is one of the handful of people in the United States who are called after a major tragedy, like Sandy Hook or the Aurora theatre shooting or Arapahoe High School, because they need someone to advise them on going forward. In other words, our staff is HIGHLY qualified to handle an itty bitty Bill signing.  


The Governor has a great security staff as well so we’re not understanding why security would be used as another excuse and it’s absolutely a slap in the face to the vast knowledge and dedicated expertise of these professionals in our district.  


We have a superintendent now who thinks that anyone who disagrees  is a “disruptive outside force.”


We are left with “Jeffco Schools snubs the Governor.” But then again, our district definitely looks a lot different these days.

Dan McMinimee


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