Jeffco, how much can you be bought for?

This is what outside interests are spending to keep their politics on the backs of our kids and in our schools!

$300,000 – Julie Williams’s TV ads

$150,000 – Julie Williams 2nd TV ads

$300,000 –  Mailers and Canvassing from AFP, Kids are First (Independence Institute), “Believe in Better Public Schools”

$20,000 – TV production time

$6,000   – Robo Calls, 3 that we know of to date

$200,000 – Jeffco Observer

$5,000 – Renting a ballroom at the Sheraton for a fake news announcement


And now a news release from AFP….

“October 15, 2015
WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Today, Americans for Prosperity Colorado is unveiling it’s new campaign and television ads getting out the message to Jefferson County residents…
The ads will run as part of a six-figure educational initiative involving mailers, door to door canvassing, online messaging and calls to JeffCo neighbors. They will air on Jefferson County television over the following two weeks.”

PLUS  $100,000? $200,000? $300,000 $999,999??? – which six-figure number will it be?


$981,000 – that we know of – plus a six-figure campaign that we don’t have numbers on.


Nearly $1 million to date and our estimates are very conservative.

Could it really be close to $2 million? For a school board election?


Hey Jeffco, don’t let outside interests like the Koch Brothers/ Americans For Prosperity and Independence Institute own your School Board. Get out and vote and share this information with everyone you know!

Support Jeffco Kids! It will take ALL of us!