Jeffco By The Numbers

As long-time advocates for public education, and having played significant leadership roles in previous mill/bond campaigns for the district, SJK has endorsed 3A and 3B (old news). Our past involvement in district level committees (School level accountability, PTA, SPAC, DAC, Citizens Budget Academy, etc.) has given us a perspective most folks around the district haven’t had the luxury of obtaining.

Understandably, most Jeffco voters do not see the district as the large system that it is, but rather as the single building that is the nearest neighborhood school.   If that school is a newer building, they assume all is well with the district; if the building is older or shows signs of needed repair, they assume it represents the district overall.   When you are looking at a 400 seat capacity, 25 year old building, it’s hard to remember it’s only one of 155 and those 400 seats are only a very small part of the 86,000+ needed in the entire district.   To put things into perspective, we wanted to share this information:

Jeffco By the Numbers

2.5 Billion       $ – The value of all of Jeffco schools’ Facilities

1.2 Billion       $ – Jeffco Schools true facility needs actually exceed this amount

698,537,409   $ – Jeffco Schools 2016/17 General Fund, NOT one billion as erroneously reported by some groups

481 Million     $ – Jeffco has NOT received over the last 5 yrs from the State that was to be budgeted

80 Million       $ – in earned scholarships by Jeffco graduates in 2016

12 Million       Square feet of Jeffco Schools and support buildings

115,000          the number of people who use Jeffco School Facilities every day

86,000             students attending Jeffco Public Schools

3,700              Acres of land – Jeffco School District encompasses

2,681              $ – Colorado spends per pupil on public education LESS than the National Average

176                 Total number of buildings belonging to the Jeffco School District

155                 Schools in Jeffco, the states’ 2nd largest school district (& largest K-12 district in state)

110                 Schools would receive improvements and repair in 3B (the Jeffco Bond)

45                    the number of Jeffco schools and facilities receiving major renovations or additions

45                    The average age of Jeffco schools

42                    How Colorado ranks nationally in per pupil spending (CSFP)

22                    Jeffco students included on the list of semifinalists in the National Merit Scholar Program

19                    % – surrounding school districts pay this much MORE than Jeffco in salaries

4.12                dollars per $100,000 of property value/month for 3A & 3B

The cost of 3A and 3B to Jeffco homeowners to continue Jeffco’s Tradition of Excellence, allow the district to be competitive and help to recruit and retain the best and brightest educators and staff. Maintain our (nationally recognized) Gold standard in security to keep our students safe and secure.   Provide repairs and major renovations to keep our students and staff safe, warm and dry.


Over the past several months – actually over the past several years – advocates for public education (parents, educators and school administrations) have repeatedly pointed out the crisis in our public school funding is a state budget issue. Support Jeffco Kids is proud to be one of the signing partners in an open letter to our legislators addressing this on-going crisis.  To help you better understand why, we are sharing this information:

Colorado By the Numbers (data courtesy of Colorado School Finance Project)

.5                     % – How much Colorado’s share of personal income used for K-12 DECLINED 2009/10                                     2014/15

5                      Colorado Ranks from the BOTTOM nationally in 2014/15 Graduation Rate

7.9                   % – Local Revenue GREW in Colorado 2009/10 and 2014/15

15                    % – State Revenue GREW between 2009/10 and 2014/15

28                    % – Colorado Personal Income GREW between 2009/10 and 2014/15

37                    Colorado’s national ranking in percent of total taxable revenue spent on education

40                    Colorado’s 2013/14 national ranking on pupil funding

49                    % – of Colorado school districts on a 4 day school week (primarily due to low funding)

160                 School days per year Required in Colorado – One of the nation’s lowest

300                 Teachers shortage in Colorado, annually

7,500              $ – Colorado’s avg. teacher pay today is this much BELOW 2009-10 (adj. for inflation)

9,143              $ – Colorado’s avg. teacher salary is this much LESS than the national average

14,000            More funded students statewide in 2014/15 than in 2013/14

899,112          Colorado’s Student Headcount (Colorado Dept. of Education)


We hope all Jeffco voters will see the dire need for the additional funding that will be provided by 3A and 3B for our Jeffco students and schools.   Additionally, we cannot stress enough how important it is that we all understand this is a state issue. The state’s negative factor still looms in the neighborhood of $800+ million. With the recent release of the 2017/18 State Budget, education will likely take another hit in funding (

School spending from the general fund is projected to be $104 million, down from $302 million this year.”

Colorado really does need to address this issue as a state, if we have any hope of climbing out of the bottom when it comes to national rankings in public education.