Jeffco Board of Ed

Five New Board Members

All five of the candidates we endorsed are now officially Board members for Jeffco Public Schools and they have a tremendous amount of work ahead of them. We encourage people to continue to advocate and be involved as well as share information with SJK about news in your community and your school as well as with Board Members.  You can easily continue to contact us at the contact tab here on the website, via email, or via social media.
Here’s how to contact Board members:

Ron Mitchell, President (District 5, term expires 11/2017)
–, 303-982-6842

Ali Lasell, First Vice President) District 3, term expires 11/2019) –, 303-982-6848

Susan Harmon, 2nd Vice President (District 2, term expires 11/2017) –, 303-982-6862

Amanda Stevens, Secretary (District 4, term expires 11/2019) –, 303-982-6846

Brad Rupert, Treasurer (District 1, term expires 11/2017) –, 303-982-6864

To email all five at once, use

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