Jeffco Board enacts new restriction on public access

I’ve been attending Board of Ed meetings for many years now.  Certainly since before Laura Boggs was elected to the board – that would take us back to 2008, at least.  


Never in those 6 + years has the District or Board locked the doors and forced the community to stand in lines outside the building to await entry- and then, only in limited numbers (7 or 8 at a time).  The District’s Ed Center office doors have always been open to the public. I understand (with the increased number of people attending) the need for security, but it’s never been so closed that the community has been denied entrance.  Nor do I recall there being a ban on bringing in signs, and most certainly not being allowed visual aids for addressing the Board.


I don’t hold District Staff responsible for this.   Without a Superintendent in charge (not that the superintendent will ever be in charge with this new board majority), district staff is required to take their direction from the Board – which really means Board Majority, or rather Ken Witt or Brad Miller.


Last Tuesday’s meeting, May 27th, was a first – and a very sad day in Jeffco Schools’ recent history.      I feel certain this is only a taste of what is yet to come.



Jonna Levine

Arvada , CO