Jeffco 2019 Daniels Scholarship Winners!

“The Daniels Fund has announced the names of 218 high school seniors from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming whose exceptional character, leadership, and commitment to the community have earned them a place in the Daniels Scholarship Program!”

Congratulations to Jeffco’s 2019 Daniels Scholars!

Lorenzo Reyes Diaz, Alameda International High School

Thomas Gene Harris, Bear Creek High School

Felix Channiago, Conifer Senior High School

Alana Kay Giles, Conifer Senior High School

Caleb Rene Boucher, Jefferson Academy High School

Krysta Couzi, Jefferson Academy High School

Millennium Ann Mayo, Ralston Valley High School

Christopher Bryan Crosby, Standley Lake High School

Collin Trevor Gammon, Standley Lake High School