JCAA Open Letter to Community

An Open Letter to the Jefferson County Community

JCAA, the official organization of the Jefferson County Administrators Association, would like to share our views on the current state of education in our school district.

We’ve Come a Long Way

Your school district has come a long way in the last few years and we believe it is well on its way to achieving the highest levels of cohesiveness and excellence you have come to expect from Jefferson County Public Schools.

The Restoration of Respect, Civility and Hope

First, the current Jefferson County Board of Education members, Ron Mitchell, Ali Lasell, Amanda Stevens, Susan Harmon, and Brad Rupert, have restored civility, respect and hope in our school district.

They have treated all employees, citizens, and students with respect and dignity. Their handling of school policy and practice as school board members has been well within the letter of the law and well beyond the spirit of it.

There is no doubt that each of our current board members has done everything within their power to put the best interests of Jeffco students and our community first. That is obvious to us because we are affected  by every decision they have made and every action they have taken. We know the future of our children and the community we serve every day is dependent on them.

As individuals they have always been open and honest in their work and their communications. Their behavior has been professional and consistent with the highest expectations we have for elected leaders. We trust this school board with the future of our children, our community and our careers.

While we have not agreed with every decision they have made, we believe they have heard and considered the concerns of the many diverse groups in our community. Amid this complex diversity, their decisions have always been made with the best interests of our children in mind.

The Selection of a Great Superintendent

Next, in what is usually considered the most important responsibility of school board members, the recruitment and selection of a Superintendent, they have conducted a tremendous, open and transparent national superintendent search.

They hired one of the best national search firms in the country and reached out and contacted over 800 quality candidates across the nation. This generated 69 quality applicants. This is the best pool of candidates Jefferson County Public Schools have had in recent history, at least in the last thirty years.

They narrowed that field down to the top eleven most qualified people and then selected the top six to interview. They chose Dr. Jason Glass who in their opinion was “by far the best candidate.”

We concur. Dr. Glass is an exceptional leader. He is a former commissioner of education, an outstanding Superintendent, and a quality, national education leader experienced in collaboratively transforming the quality of education in school districts and the broader community.

Looking Forward to a Bright Future

Jeffco Schools are built on a solid foundation devoted to excellence. We are confident that tradition will continue under the leadership of this excellent school board and our new superintendent, Dr. Jason Glass.

As Jefferson County Public School leaders we are looking forward to the bright future our children and this community deserve.


The governing Board of the Jefferson County Administrators Association

Colleen Owens, JCAA President Principal, Green Mountain High School

Jon DeStefano, Executive Director, JCAA

Tara Pena, Principal Oberon Middle School

Jeff Pierson, Principal Standley Lake High School

Frank DeAngelis, Emeritus Member Representative

Marcella Hoefner, Achievement Director School Innovation & Effectiveness

Sarah Cahill-Sena, Information Technology Ed Tech Development Manager

Pam Yoder, Student Success Office Assistant Director, ERD

Esther Valdez, Principal Rose Stein International Elementary

Wendy Doran, Principal Carmody Middle School

Rob Bishop, Principal Arvada West High School

Lisa Nolan, Principal Lasley Elementary

Matt Hilbert, Principal Peck Elementary

Robert Malling, Principal Allendale Elementary

Elizabeth Lohff, Assistant Principal Bear Creek High School

Greg Jackson, Executive Director Transportation & Fleet Services, Transportation Services

Chris Linton Sr., Application Security Analyst Information Technology

Mike Babkiewich, Director Building Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance

Jennifer Steele, Director Education Research & Design/Curriculum & Instruction

Amanda Pierorazio, Principal Coronado Elementary

Jennifer Pennell, Principal Dutch Creek Elementary

Angie Sanders, Assistant Principal Conifer High School

Tracy Jett, Principal Mt. Carbon Elementary

David Epp, Principal Mt. Evans outdoor Lab School

Karen Brown, Principal Shelton Elementary

Patty DeLorenzo, Principal Devinny Elementary

Diana Sanchez-Hart, Assistant Principal Lumberg Elementary

Stacy Bedell, Principal Eiber Elementary

Robert Lopez, Principal Little Elementary

Gavin Goodrich, Principal Ralston Valley high School

Renee Williams, Principal Lukas Elementary

Sherry Carter, Principal Vivian Elementary