Invitation to Jeffco Staff

Dear Staff of Jeffco,

It’s time for you to speak up. We’ve told everyone about the problems facing our schools. We’ve talked about funding issues. We’ve talked about the legal challenges and legislative issues. But that’s simply not enough.

People need to put faces with stories. We need you to write to us and tell us YOUR story. Tell us about the services you’d like to be able to offer your students but can’t. Tell us about the staff you wish you could hire. Tell us about the money you personally spend to Support Jeffco Kids. Tell us about the canvassing you have done for our schools. Tell us about phone banking. Tell us how you’re treated. Tell us how you feel valued. Tell us how many principals you’ve had. Tell us how long you’ve worked for the schools. Tell us about your second job. Tell us about your families. Tell us about your passion. Tell us everything.

Talk to us, Jeffco educators. Let us share your stories so everyone in Jeffco can understand how funding impacts you personally and professionally! As always, you can absolutely remain anonymous or share your name! That choice is up to you!

Send your story to us via email

Thank you! #WeAreJeffco