Individual Liberty, Get Your Boots Out!

As a so called “riled-up mommy,” I’m thinking today about all that has gone on over the past two years, I’m inclined to wonder why on earth a school board election has become so pivotal that so many outside organizations and political parties are sticking their noses into my child’s education and in OUR schools. There are TV ads on prime time – the most expensive time to run an ad!

There’s been around $1million spent on this to date and on “the kids’ side” – there’s us, the moms and dads, asking for $10 donations for yard signs, selling t-shirts for $8 and asking to keep the extra $2 as a donation. Begging everyone to give as much as they can so we have a chance. Then there are the days, nights and weekends volunteering to walk neighborhoods, do phone banking, and open our homes to share with others.


Take a look at the Jeffco Republican Party website –

The Jeffco School Board is the ONLY thing on the front page of their website. Certainly the long list of Republican Candidates for President is making news, but not in Jeffco. I find this odd.

Mike Rosen – writes editorials for Denver Post and radio host on KOA
His children are grown and he doesn’t even live in Jeffco! Did people interfere with his children’s education and tell him what would happen without allowing him to be involved in the process?

John Caldara – President of the Independence Institute, from his own website – “Jon Caldara hates bullies. He has dedicated his professional life to stop bullies who use the coercive power of government to take from others and force their values on those who don’t share them.”

So why is Mr. Caldara bullying Jeffco? John Caldara doesn’t have kids in Jeffco and doesn’t live here. Why is he inserting himself and his organization and politics on the citizens of Jefferson County? Why is he helping to fund false advertisements for Julie Williams that attack our staff and the other children at the school? Why is he paying for a ballroom at the Sheraton so Ken Witt can make a mockery of himself with a media announcement that was a complete embarrassment? Mr. Caldara is directly trying to force HIS values on us – people who don’t share them!


Amy Oliver Cooke – works for the Independence Institute and had a talk radio show, lives in GREELEY. Greeley isn’t even close to Jeffco. Why is she bothering us in Jeffco? She has no business in Jeffco!

Americans for Prosperty

2111 WILSON BLVD – SUITE 350 – ARLINGTON, VA 22201 – why are you messing with Jeffco AND Dougco AND Thompson? AFP has plenty of money that could be spent on real causes and make a huge impact for children and their future “prosperity” but instead this focus on the word “reform” with zero definition of what they are trying to reform.

It’s simply ridiculous. This is our community and these are our schools. There is no reason for these individuals or these organizations to be stepping on the community and impeding the rights of the citizens of Jefferson County. Individual liberty is a core value of the Republican party – why are they stepping all over this value? 

The people of Jefferson County have a right to call out our elected officials when they do not hold themselves accountable to us. If they were truly conservative candidates, they would know that their role as leadership is to serve the people, not special interests – and that’s taken directly from!  


If you belong to the union and even if you don’t, you’ll be called some variation of thug if you oppose the actions of the Board Majority. I searched the Independence Institute’s website for the word “union” and it came back with 1,190 results – that’s called “obsessive.” Educators also deserve free will and if they want to join their association and advocate for their profession, they should be able to do so without attacks. Individual liberty – a republican core value.

The only difference is that the teacher associations are far more collaborative, organized, educated and willing to put in the hard work. They don’t have a tremendous amount of money (especially in comparison to organizations who oppose their work) but they are highly effective because their membership is dedicated and passionate about what they do – they serve kids. They are also part of this community!


Here are few comments that have been directed at parents from supporters of the Board Majority:

  • Textbook union bullying
  • Lying union thugs
  • Teachers union financed recall!
  • Thug
  • Ill informed left leaning ignorant voter
  • Look for the union label and thugs
  • Union’s political agenda
  • Union just taking care of its members
  • Ban the teachers unions in this state
  • BOO HOO, teachers union fat cats don’t get their way
  • The slate funded by the union bosses
  • Send the Union Bosses back east
  • Death to unions…

And here’s one from our Board Member Julie Williams who was recently caught telling lies (again):


Seriously, Ms. Williams? When has a “union boss” ever told you how to raise your kids? Have you ever even spoken to a “union boss?”


Now here’s one from a Republican who responded that he supports the recall and what he got in return:

I would appreciate it if you would stop presenting yourself as a conservative Republican who supports the recall effort. You have a financial interest in this fight with your wife being a teacher who must believe only the union would fight for pay raises and job security.

What? Really? This person doesn’t have a right to individual liberty?


Here’s another from Brad Miller’s charter school partner  Denise Peter Mund who didn’t like what a person identifying as Republican had to say:   

Every election cycle there are people who espouse to be Republicans and then openly support Dems. They are called Republican in Name Onlys (RINOs). The game is as old as the hills so you’re certainly not the first to try this ploy. The people of HD 27 are very smart about this so don’t think you’re convincing anyone on this page to change their vote on the school board recall. Rather, RINO tactics are seen as a reflection of the individual.”


So Denise and her friends get to determine whether you’re allowed to be a REAL Republican or not?  Her word is gospel? Who determined this? Why has this small group of individuals determined that they are in charge? What happened to the core value of individual liberty in Jefferson County?

From the platform on

  • Leaders should serve people, not special interests.
  • Families and communities should be strong and free from government intrusion.
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

This is exactly why the community has come together. This is why Democrats, Unaffiliateds, Libertarians, and, yes, Republicans have come together to take back our community. Individual liberty.


Celebrate your individual liberty by joining us at Boots on the Boulevard 3.0 on Friday!