In Jeffco, they are doing nothing

From: J. Levine  
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Subject: Your article: Moving Out in today’s Post 

I thought your article on the ever-increasing growth or sprawl very interesting and appreciate all of the research and data you provided.   Here’s another piece I hope you might consider for a follow up story:
Of these areas with these new developments, how many have school districts with neighborhood schools who are actually prepared for the influx of students? 
I can tell you Jeffco, for one, is nowhere prepared for the substantial growth coming from new developments in Lakewood (Solterra) and along the NW corridor (Candelas, Leyden Rock, etc.).     
Developers provide a plot of land in the development to allow for schools to be built, but it’s up to the school district to build the school.   
  •     In a case such as Jeffco, our school board majority recently voted down (3v2) a Certificate of Participation (COP) that would authorize new schools to be built to accommodate the expected growth over the next 3-5 years.   We are talking about thousands of new students who will not have a seat in a Jeffco neighborhood school.   
  • In 2012 Jeffco voters approved a $99M bond (which is the funding used for buildings and maintenance of ) which only allowed for the most urgent of maintenance items – no new buildings.   Would Jeffco voters ever approve another bond so soon to accommodate the new growth?  It appears Jeffco students, parents and community may never have the opportunity to find out. Support Jeffco Kids has written asking for information to be shared with the community.  It appears, city councils have little authority to intervene.  They sit on the sidelines with fingers crossed the Board majority will do the right thing.  
What are other cities and school districts doing to accommodate the influx of students coming from these large developments??  In Jeffco they are doing nothing.
Jonna Levine
Support Jeffco Kids