Importance of All Staff

Central Administration

One of the options on the district budget survey is reducing staff at the Central Administration, with offices at the Ed Center or “head shed,” for most of the staff although offices also exist at the Quail building. Both of which are paid for.

There are lots of departments listed on the district website, although some of the staff listed is dated and no longer accurate. Here’s a current organizational chart:


While it is true that the Cabinet staff has grown, it’s really just a reorganization with only one position added and more individuals moved up to the top and fewer individuals/departments under the Cabinet level leadership.

Here’s a look back at the old Cabinet from our Leadership Lost article several years ago due to the actions of the recalled board:


From the 2012 mill and bond until now, administrative personnel has gone from 3% of staff to 4% of staff. Jeffco Schools has been grossly understaffed at every level due to funding for quite some time. Neighboring districts have noted their admiration for the work that is done in Jeffco with fewer staff members. There is no “top heavy” in Jeffco.

During budget reduction conversations, it’s easy to draw lines and have everyone declare their own wants and desires and determine that something that is worth everything to one person is worthless to another. Let us remember that we are one community and one Jeffco. While sports may be a priority for one family, music is the priority for the next.

Education is dependent upon staff to do the work, because students don’t teach themselves and technology will never be a replacement for student services, every single budget reduction is attached to a real human being. Each staff member in Jeffco adds a valuable function to Jeffco Schools.

Though not everyone will come into contact with all individuals and/or departments in Central Administration, this doesn’t minimize their importance nor the importance of the work that they do. As we have conversations online, at school, and in our community, let us remember this as fact.

Reductions will occur, though it would be better for all students if we were not in this situation. Each decision is tied to a real human being with a family. This could be your neighbor, your friend, a relative, or friend of a friend.

We have survived reductions before and we will do so again. Jeffco will continue to serve more than 86,000 students to the best of our ability because WE are Jeffco.